Vortex Steel 125 Grain 2.0"


Vortex Broadheads is proud to announce the addition of the All Steel Vortex 125 Grain 2.0". When the game you are hunting requires a bone smashing flesh devastating broadhead look no further than our new all steel broadhead. The New Vortex 125 Steel 2.0" is made with high grade stainless steel. We have incorporated into this design our new final step, an industry secret to make this head indestructible. While testing the New Vortex 125 Steel 2.0" we required the broadhead to be shot over 20 times through 3/4" plywood without failure, we must admit it took over 3 months of material changes and testing to find the perfect combination. The Vortex Steel 125 2.0" utilizes our time tested .032 thousands stainless steel blades that will not break under extreme loads but instead bend maintaining the full cutting blade surface.